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We swim with the sharks so you don't have to!

Unlike most contracts staff or legal people, I'm a sales-centric solution provider. I love the sales process and am compelled to make sure that your sales are done to your benefit, as well as your customer's. Hence, my focus on the documentation that governs each and every sales transaction.

Having over 35 years of experience in client-facing business management, I can bring immediate experience and knowledge to bear on a problem or issue. My knowledge enables you to avoid or minimize mistakes and to quickly apply best practices gained from my experiences.
After 20+ years writing, negotiating and administrating large dollar sales agreements and proposals in the aerospace industry and leading or advising sales teams for technical products, software, and services to clients world wide, I founded avidre, inc.
avidre's mission is to provide expert sales cycle management consulting services for small to mid-size businesses.

Knowing how buyer's "standard" agreements try to place all risk and liability on sellers, I coined the term "sharks" to describe this type of agreement.
That's why I say, "We swim with the sharks so you don't have to!"


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Mar. 23, 2017


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