Contract Management Solutions


avidre's mission is to provide expert contract management consulting relative to the tools and processes required for effective management of technical product contracts. Key areas are sales agreements and licensing agreements, and their associated proposals, work statements (SOW) & special terms.

Unlike many contracts or legal staff, I'm a sales-centric solution provider. I love the sales process and am compelled to make sure that your sales are done to your benefit, as well as your customer's. Hence, my focus on the documentation that governs each and every sales transaction.

Having over 35 years of experience in client-facing business management for technical products and services - hardware and software, I can bring immediate experience and knowledge to bear on a problem, process, or issue.

Our process is interview, analysis, discussion, and recommendations. Our approach is to utilize your existing business tools, such as MS Office products and your intranet, to the greatest extent possible.

My knowledge enables you to avoid or minimize mistakes and to quickly apply best practices gained from my experiences. I am curous, creative, and I listen!