Technical Sales Contracts Management

"What do I bring to the table?"

avidre You don't have to invest in learning what I already know. I bring immediate experience and knowledge to bear on a problem or issue. My knowledge enables you to avoid or minimize mistakes and to quickly apply best practices gained from my experiences.

I can apply structure, methodology and organized thinking to a problem or issue that is difficult to understand or organize. I can help you arrive at an answer that enables you to follow through after I've gone.

You can leverage my skills to get work done quickly. My experience allows me to quickly come up with effective solutions.

As an outsider, I can assist in dealing with difficult issues and politically sensitive topics.

I can teach your staff the skills needed to effectively manage your sales contracts. I can "train the trainers" so they can run seminars and mentor other employees.

What You Get:

You get value. You get a contract lifecycle management process - from RFP to close-out - and people trained in its use.

Additionally, I coordinate contract system changes with your attorney. Thereby assuring that your documentation complies with statutes and "case law".

Following are a few bullet points highlighting my experience.

Um, please keep two things in mind... (1) I've been doing this for a long (long-long) time - and, (2) some job titles were promotions or horizontal moves within a single company.

Overview of Experience

      President ArtVisions: 1993 ~ present
    • art licensing sales
    • art licensing contract creation and management
    • all aspects of starting and managing an IP Copyright licensing agency
      President/CEO avidre, LLC: 2000 ~ present
    • consulting - sales
    • consulting - contracts management
    • Sales Contracts Management processes
    • consulting - IP management
    • website review
      Managing Partner "Axiume": 2008 ~ present
    • consulting - marketing / Intellectual Property licensing techniques
    • consulting - branding
    • consulting - art sales
    • consulting - IP licensing agreements
      Technology Industry Consulting
    • Develop Contracts Management Systems
    • Contracts Creation & Management
      IT Industry (focus on Y2K)
    • Principal Consultant
    • Contracts Manager
      Software Industry
    • Contracts Specialist
      Independent Consultant
    • Business Management
    • Technical Writer
    • Marketing
    • Senior Contracts Administrator
    • Follow-on Sales for Avionics Equipment and I.P.
    • Contracts Administrator
    • Program Manager
    • Purchasing Manager
    • Quality Assurance (QA) Test Supervisor
    • QA Test Technician
    • QA Inspector
    • Material Control Supervisor
    • Production Planner
    • Production Control Expeditor
    • Engineering Technician
    • Microwave Technician
    • Production Assembly